ASUS ROG G501JW - Start button

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Start button

Windows® 8.1 features the Start button which allows you to switch

between the two most recent apps that you opened. The Start button

may be accessed from the Start screen, while on Desktop mode, and on

any app that is currently open onscreen.

Start button on the Start screen

NOTE: The actual color of your Start button varies depending on the

display settings you chose for your Start screen.

Hover your mouse pointer over the left corner of your Start

screen or any opened app to call out the Start button.

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Notebook PC E-Manual

Start button on Desktop mode

Context menu

The context menu appears as a box filled with quick access to some of

the programs inside Windows® 8.1 when you right-click on the Start


The context menu also includes the following shut down options for

your Notebook PC: sign out, sleep, shut down, restart.

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Notebook PC E-Manual