ASUS ROG G501JW - Bluetooth 

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Use Bluetooth to facilitate wireless data transfers with other Bluetooth-

enabled devices.

IMPORTANT! The Airplane mode disables this feature. Ensure that

Airplane mode is turned off before enabling the Bluetooth connection of

your Notebook PC.

Pairing with other Bluetooth-enabled devices

You need to pair your Notebook PC with other Bluetooth-enabled

devices to enable data transfers. To do this, use your touchpad as



Launch the Charms bar.

2. Tap/click then tap/click Change PC Settings.

3. Under

PC Settings, select Devices then tap/click Add

a Device to search for Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Select a device from the list. Compare the passcode

on your Notebook PC with the passcode sent to your

chosen device. If they are the same, tap/click Yes to

successfully pair your Notebook PC with the device.

NOTE: For some bluetooth-enabled devices, you may be

prompted to key in the passcode of your Notebook PC.

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Notebook PC E-Manual



Launch the Charms bar.

2. Tap/click and tap/click



Move the slider to the right to turn the Airplane

mode on.